Monday, April 21, 2008

First day as an intern - part 3/3

After that I had nothing to do as the person guiding me was kinda busy with some prior commitments and so I penned down this blog....I know its really crazy.....first I write this and now I'm typing all this!!! And you have to read it :P

Then it was lunch time!!!! Yippppeeeee!!! :D After that I saw a few clients coming in and then a few job seekers and then it was almost time to go :D ........ my dad was to come and pick me........i waited for 30 long mins! under the hot hot sun! but he didn't come! :(( he forgot!!! :(( and so i came back by bus....... was starving by the time i reached home!!! Ate more than I ate in the past 1 week!!!

So, ends the first I'll probably sleep peacefully :D


Darth Vin Ode said...

gee far! that was a bad day what? :O

Hardrock2552 said...

nicely written.

hope u have many such days.