Monday, April 21, 2008

First day as an intern - part 3/3

After that I had nothing to do as the person guiding me was kinda busy with some prior commitments and so I penned down this blog....I know its really crazy.....first I write this and now I'm typing all this!!! And you have to read it :P

Then it was lunch time!!!! Yippppeeeee!!! :D After that I saw a few clients coming in and then a few job seekers and then it was almost time to go :D ........ my dad was to come and pick me........i waited for 30 long mins! under the hot hot sun! but he didn't come! :(( he forgot!!! :(( and so i came back by bus....... was starving by the time i reached home!!! Ate more than I ate in the past 1 week!!!

So, ends the first I'll probably sleep peacefully :D

First day as an intern - part 2/3

I was told to wait for sometime which turned to be around 35 or 40 minutes........I read a very nice and touching article which I'll not forget for a long time and then scanned all the magazines kept there........Finally after the long wait was called by theeeee head and was explained certain things and it all seemed so simple.

For today I just had to do mass mailing which is quite similar to the way those spam mails are dumped in your inbox :))

Khair.......I sketched the outline for my project and was quite happy with it. Then I searched for candidates to fill in the post of java,j2ee programmer something and mailed around 60 people, out of which i'm sure 50 people will trash the mail :( .......... maine kitni mehnat se select all button dabaake ek already created template ko use karke mail kiya tha!!!! :D :D :))

First day as an intern - part 1/3

Since my posts are turning out to be big essays I've decided to split them up :D , but not shorten them :P

Last thing I wished in the night was that, God! please let it be another Sunday tomorrow!! I want to sleep, sleep and sleep!!! wish wasn't heard by an angel or a fairy and I woke up late on Monday morning! Monday......always had different views about this day. Way back in primary school I kinda disliked Monday and wished for 2 Sundays in a week........... Time changes and so do views........came middle school and I so loved going to school that I wished for no Sunday and either 2 Saturday's or 2 Monday's.......well.......2 Saturday's would be better as we had half-a-day school on Saturday's and most of the time was spent playing and talking rather than studying :D .......... anyways, my views on Monday never changed all through high school.

The point is, I was thinking all this all the way till I reached the place :))

With wobbly feet somehow I managed to enter the lift and instead of pressing the button for 4th floor I pressed 5th floor!!!!.........This is what happens when inter-personal communication takes its toll.......well......I'll save that discussion for another blog.........I entered the office and felt that maybe everything will fall in place and I need to take things as they come........

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The much awaited viva!

Project was done and signed by the HOD, we all were excited and almost prepared for the practical exam and the much talked about viva!

Were hoping to get a good external who wouldn't ask any stupid or out-of-the-box questions!!!

Finally the day arrives and we all assemble in the lab with expectant and cute faces :D......I had tried to peep into the sheet which was in madam's hand but she as always had her eyes on me! and even before i could see what exactly it was she was like -- "farheeeeeeeen go and take your place!!!" Sadly i had to go and sit in my place......roll numbers were called out and so were question numbers......i felt like i was gonna die until i got the question paper and saw which question had i got!

The moment i saw the question paper i felt like jumping and shouting!!! :D i got the easiest question!!! ehehehehehe.........was smiling from the time i got the question till i got out of the lab! and after that was going on and on and on about how well the pracs went :D

We all were told to wait in the adjacent room until the external came and he took a real real long time to come!!! he made us wait for almost and hour and a half!!! i ate 2 lays and drank 1 frooti and roamed the entire college twice! met a few friends from other sections :D caught up on all the gossip and came back straight to the class :D.......was exhausted till then!!!

Finally the external arrived and i thought maybe we should've arranged some pooja for his welcome or maybe something like you know aartee for welcoming him......but then it was too late :P

We all had a real niiiiiice time with the external :D it all turned out to be so much fun!

it was like he called 6 students together and made us sit in a half mine was the second group called and it was swapna,me,sanya,maria,nida and sumayya......the order is from right to left......first he asked - What is your name? and then Give an intro of yourself.......Did you have breakfast? how are your parents? What are your ambitions?........... after asking all this he said - "Now lets get to what you have studied" :)) i had a rough time controlling my laughter!!!! and when maria said in a hushed tone that she didn't eat her entire breakfast the external asked - what did you say??? i couldn't hear you........and at that time i replied - she said she ate only half her breakfast annnnd gulp! he looked straight at me! i was like.......sheeesh what will he say now?!!!! but to my relief he just smiled!!! :))

What he did was he was asking us questions one after another from left to right and in the middle he even asked me - do you know what is a food processor? ........ i said yes then he asked what do you do with a food processor?.......i was trying hard to control my laughter but couldn't stop smiling! and then he got to the point and asked - what is a computer processor??!

Swapna who was sitting beside me was so damn tensed! and i had to hiss some answers when the external was concentrating only on her!......he told her to relax.....i guess about 4 times..... nice examiner......was funny and serious at the same time!!!

So, all in all we all had a real nice time and shall definitely remember this viva and this particular examiner for a long long time........ :)

Hope everybody gets such nice externals :D