Friday, February 22, 2008

The wednesday adventure

It all started with Ramaa telling that she'll surely accompany me to Koti to meet a friend and we'll go to Gokul Chat and then to the CS office on the way back home. I told Ramaa on tuesday that we can go by bus instead of her dio, but no, she said she knew the way and we can make it to the place on time.

Wednesday morning we both met in college......waited for about an hour and a half for the princi to sign on a form and attest it.......had to wait for that long because our princi was on rounds when more than half the students weren't in the college!!

After getting out of college we reached the abids waala road in a short while but got confused there......not my fault!.......i told her take me to big bazaar and i know the way from there! ......nevertheless we reached King Koti instead of Koti!! We were actually lost! because neither of us knew any way from there!.......we then followed the signs and reached main abids and from there to big bazaar :)) bearing the traffic and heat reached women's college and then Gokul! but then we missed the lane in which we had to go to park the dio so had to again go all the way till the signal and take a u-turn......met nidhi there,ate kulfi and spent little time because we had to go to the cs office before it closed!......well......had a nice time eating kulfi......the watchman there was staring at the 3 of us and he even asked Ramaa that if she was here for shopping?! :)) the look on Ramaa's face was priceless! :))

Time to part.......asked the way back home to nidhi twice! and determined to not lose our way started........but there was something else in store for us! At the junction near Karachi bakery we took a left and lo and behold! we reached old city!! Ramaa then told me that she would surely kill me the next time i show her the wrong way!! [not my fault.......the way is confusing]. We managed to reach lakdikapool and then cs office on time......Reached home safely but very tired, though i was only sitting behind and she was the one driving!

At the end of the day Ramaa vowed that she'd never come with me to any place unless i know the exact route! and there ends the short wednesday adventure....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Goodbye to seniors......

This one is for all the seniors who have made this year so very memorable

Finally the academic year has almost come to an end and everybody is busy breaking their heads trying to study the boring and horrible subjects. The time has also come to bid seniors goodbye......this year was definitely eventful! felt like we actually did something during this year!

Enjoyed a lot during the organizing of Jamboree '07, and are very much thankful to the president,vice-president,treasurer,secretaries and all other CHEERs members. The time spent with all was wonderful! We even got trained for how to handle things when they go haywire and how to maintain peace! :P

And not to forget the combined corporate classes :))......... must really thank the seniors for letting us sit in their class and bearing us along with the lecturer's lecture......the best part was when we checked seniors' books when our own books were incomplete!

To sum it all.....we really will miss seniors........wishing all a great life ahead......