Monday, March 29, 2010


There aren't many fans of pepsodent because of it's excessive calcium taste (including me) but then my mom is a pepsodent fan so we get pepsodent and close up.

The other day I was watching this bones cd and it suddenly stopped waaarking! I tried doing different things and then saw the too many scratches it had. . . bored to death, I decided to try the toothpaste trick.

Took out pepsodent germi-check and applied it all over the cd and then wiped it off :P
With great anticipation I put the cd innnn and it worked :P

Yeah, it worked properly :P

Next time you have cd scratch problems then try pepsodent! It sure will help there (though I doubt it shows similar results on teeth)


Readers Dais said...

ha ha...
is that true..
ive used aftershave to have a cleanse on cd.....
hmmm nice tip freind :) said...

Will this really work. i will try it today itself. Thanks for this info

санжог said...

welcome to the mad club.