Sunday, March 28, 2010

College memories - part 2

I miss going to fests conducted by every damn college in the city.
I cherish the memory of winning the tabloid making competition at Arthashastra with Sana! :D
The spice of life :))
1000rs each and a treat of gulab jamuns and jalebis for the entire class.

I miss CHEERS and I miss the way we struggled with Jamboree and I'm glad it was a success in our final year.
The CHEERS elections were superb! :P
I miss our juniors too!
I miss the four or five NSS meetings we went to.
I miss the hygiene camp in the slum a few kms away from our college.

I miss waiting near the gate for the guard to open it as soon as the clock struck 2.

I miss our handball matches!

I miss the hue and cry for getting the no-dues signed by every lecturer and even the librarian. The long queue at the library counter and the way one or two of us went and did the work for all of us.

I miss the way we collected money for budday gifts and so much thinking we did as to what to gift!

I miss the CCA classes in first year only. The special students that we were, we didn't get to attend them in the 2nd year.
I miss the way I sat in different CCA classes every week. . . handicrafts, mass communication, calligraphy, cooking, baking, personality development and what not?!
I ended up getting the certificate of calligraphy! :D

I miss the Taj Mahal Campaign and how we won it :D
I miss our dance practices and our "radio ann's" - - bbbbboltey jaao, bbbbbbakktey jaao!

I cherish the moment when I was dancing on stage and Azra was standing down there in the crowd and showing me the steps :P

I miss the 2 day friendship day party we had and Anu ma'ams sarcastic comments.

I miss the mass bunk plans, the movie plans, the picnics, the icfai tech debacle :P

I miss going late to college everyday and disturbing nothing but the HRM class by dragging my chair to sit and nothing but disturbing Greeeshma ma'am :D

I miss Sadia ma'am who was sweet enough to remember us all and bring key-chains of our first alphabet for the 20 of us :)

I miss the times when we helped each other in our 100 mks project and how were trying to calm down ourselves at the time of the viva.
And how can we forget the disastrous results which were published by the university! We all "failed" in the viva and project! :)) And the bouts of tension which followed until we got our memos and read the word "pass" inscribed on the memos!

I miss you friends and I miss sitting with you all, oblivious to the rest of the world.

I just miss being an Hons student :D

I didn't know I could write so much and yet feel I'm missing something in here.
What is it that I've left out?!


princess17 said...

i dont know abt wat u might have missed out but one thing isd for sure... i loveeeeed it :) :) like sumi said i cudnt stop smiling throughout the blog !! man it was like i was reliving the 3 yrs in 5 mins... miss u guysss soo much... amamzing... ohh... yaaa u missed one thing... sameeha ki mimickry !! awesomeee !! hehe... will update if i rememebr anything else :P :P

Sharky said...

Splendid post farru....too good, reminded me of my own college....
Allah those were the days....too amazing....Glad we get 2 keep the memories....