Sunday, March 28, 2010

College memories - part 1

College got over almost a year back and I'm still haunted by memories when I just sit down to ponder over things.
Three years of being and Annite are behind me now. Sometimes when I think back to those chilled out and carefree days, I miss college madly.
Those long sabbaticals all over the campus and waiting for the college to get over. The 45 -50 minute lectures and the trying to keep ourselves awake during them!
The way we simply sat in class and talked about everything, something and sometimes nothing at all!
I miss every single thing about college!
We started out by being I Hons who didn't have a classroom in the eerily big college. . . All the three years we ended up gracing room numbers 102, 202, 107, 303, 301 and not to forget the audi landing, with our presence. :D But 301 was the place where we had the most unforgettable moments!
I miss those quadrangle assemblies.
I miss the way we whispered during the assembly and the way we very rarely sang the college song at the top of our voices.
I miss the way we went late to our language classes in 1st year on the pretext of being stashed up in 301, the corner most room in the college.
I remember our 2nd year FIT prac and viva and I miss the way we helped each other during the viva.
I miss the times when we first graced the UG library with our presence.
I miss the way we (sumi, nida, ramaa and me) searched for novels in the fiction section of the library. We could be found there if at all we were in the library!
I so miss the times when we graced the PG library with out presence and of course, the paper snatching/reading and the non-stop chatter.
I'm sure the pg librarian misses us too!
I miss Rasool Sir who lent us books from the PG library by looking at our pleading eyes which always said -- oh please! I so want to read this book and it's not available in the UG library sirrrr! :D
I miss making ppt presentations and giving them in the AV room.
I miss how we tried to miss those monday or tuesday seminars and if we attended, our attempt to grab the last row seats and get engrossed in novels all through the "important" seminars.
I miss sitting in our canteen and grumbling about the lack of good food.
I miss going to the intermediate block canteen to eat samosas and ice pepsi
I miss the way we collected notes from n number of books and the way we cursed our course syllabus designers for not having prescribed just one standard book for each subject.
I miss the way we exchanged our notes with each other after we toiled hard to search them.
I miss Jojo's lectures and I miss Anu ma'ams tax and fm classes.
I miss the way Vat was disowned from 3 hons :D
I miss the discussions on Benazir Bhutto and more often than not, of her son and Sumi's crush on him :P
I miss the way we listened to songs in the class!
I miss the TV discussions and the Bollywood news Nazneen the reporter had for us! :D
I miss those Ramadan recipe discussions and the elaborate recipes which Nida tried to explain :P
I miss going to judo practice after college and most of the time missing it and just going back home for a peaceful afternoon nap.
I miss taking part in the in-house sports meets and the rush to have our names enrolled first!
I miss the way people looked at us when we told we're hons students. We enjoyed a special status in college! :D
I miss the ragging scenes. How we were ragged and how we in-turn ragged and how a certain set of people ended up ragging just the wrong person and the cat fight which followed :P
I miss the way we ate during Smita ma'ams accounts classes and how we figured out the problems on our own while she would be still guessing the problem with the problem!
I miss the khank-khannnn of bangles during corporate classes.
I miss aimlessly roaming around in the campus . . . . .


sumaiya inayat said...

I couldn't help smiling all the while i was reading this.And oh, I still feel so very sorry about disowning act we did with Vat, it was my idea after all and I was the one who had authored that letter which left her in tears.

sensual said...

awesome, awesome....hatsoff fari, now this blog is wat i call my life as an annite (leaving the novel reading part as i was always annoyed by u guyz reading 'em...i sooo.....miss those days mayyn...specially the assembly part, the seminars, n n n the list nvr ends. We make a helluva team...:B