Sunday, February 7, 2010

Her first day!

:D a very bizarre bizarre sort of story :P

She was feeling a little weird. She checked herself thrice in the full length mirror in the hallway on the first floor. Her mom hollered for her from the kitchen to not leave home without breakfast. She ran downstairs and gobbled up the scrambled eggs and bread. As she started to leave for college, she realized her bag was upstairs and sprinted up for it hoping she won't be late for the first day of college.

As she entered the college with others, she noticed he numerous alien faces on the campus. Someone called out loudly, " Nitya " and she tilted her head to get a better view. Nitya sighed with relief. Most of her friends were waiting near the basketball court for her. They were discussing whom to rag first today and which class to raid and get their canteen bill for the day paid! It was their second year in college and yet another journey had begun for them all.

They were anxious to experience another year of ever increasing freedom, looked forward to gaining foothold in what they excelled and looked forward to the more fun and frolic which was in store for them.




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susie said...

and we have all passed that phase..:d