Monday, January 28, 2008

Trip to Srisailam start.....i was thinking of how to make my sister's 14th birthday memorable and the phone rings :D, the conversation between me and my cousin starts --

Me : Hi, what's the plan for Sunday? It's afr's b'day.....

She: Yeah, what about the long pending trip to srisailam???

Me: Ahaaan!!! niiiice......

She: ehehehe, yeah.....all is decided.....di just called and she was serious about going there......she even asked her sis-in-law about the bus fare and all......we just need to ask our parents...

Me: OH!!! The difficult part is left out!!

She: ummm.....yeah.....not that difficult coz my mom and others have agreed.....

Me: hmmmm.....oki.....lemme see.....I'll call you back in an hour or so...bbye

And then starts the head-banging business......Finally after lot of pestering mom agrees :D excitement starts building........ Had to leave home by 3:45 in the morning to reach the meeting point by 4:30. Mom's shouting started at 3 itself, "WAKE UP!!! OR WE'LL BE LATE!!" [my mom's favourite sentence]

We somehow managed to reach near the bus on time! and started towards our next destination[malkajgiri]. Some of us who were in the bus decided our places and as always i wanted the window seat so the moment i got into the bus i went to the 2nd last window seat and declared - this place is mine and i shall exchange it with no one :)) to reach our next destination we encountered 2 train gates and to pass the time counted the number of compartments

Picked some other people and finallllly started proceeding towards the highway munching the sandwiches which thankfully my aunt remembered to make. The morning breeze was awesome! and then i realized that there was no glass to my window. All through the way we were doing crazy things like waking anybody who by chance slept by shouting in their ear.....standing in the passage way of the bus and pushing each other....applauding when we saw a cousin's office and another's college :)) Then started the ghat road! lovely view! the way is almost similar to ooty's, just that ooty is a bit more breathtaking. It's like there are two mountains and in the middle deeeeeep down is the big dam constructed across the river krishna.

We stopped at one point to look at the dam. There is no suicide point as such but if one wants they sure can fall from there....totally dead.....We then climbed down one hill and climbed up the other......had lunch....wandered here and there for a while and then went near the boating thing.....u had to either go down to the dam area or boating area through rope way or take the 100 or so steps....those of us who aren't scared of heights went down through the rope way while the others stayed up......the rope way wasn't that scary or dangerous.....the view was wonderful! after getting down we went to the boating area and spent about 30 mins there....... also troubled the other people with us on the boat :))

We took a long time when going up because there was a lot of crowd near the rope way.The other who were waiting for us up were fed up. Finally we reached up and got into the bus again.....saw a few temples on the way.......and then started towards we decided to simply sing songs and sang all the songs we could remember then and not to forget the poems! ....... twinkle twinkle........johnny johnny......chubby cheeks.......piggy on the railway track.......patriotic songs too.......saare jahan se acha.......aii mere watan ke logon........mere desh ki dharti........ and again we were standing in the passage way looking at the way and pushing each other...... Stopped near the tiger reserve just to go and look at the big tiger statue there coz the timings were from morn 11 to evening 4 and it was around 6 then :(

Exhausted after singing so many songs and standing almost for half the way we all sat down and then i realized how very cold it was and we tried to fix a cardboard to the glassless window but even that flew away......somehow managed to bear the cold and shifted places every now and then......ate the cake[was too good].....and drifted to sleep only to be woken up every 5 mins by the bumps! Reached hyd by 11 and by the time we were home it was 12:30 [yes.....there is traffic jam even at 11:30 in the night here]

Finally the much awaited and long pending trip to srisailam came to an end on a very happy note and our plan for the next picnic in summer.


Darth Vin Ode said...

Far :D very loving!!!

санжог said...

you can also write action, I know you can!

the judo saga. I would love to read it.